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The Makeup Show Recap + Giveaway

Last weekend I attended The MakeUp Show, the largest professional beauty event in the Midwest. This was my second time going. Last year, I was so overwhelmed by the people and all of the great brands represented. Since I am absolutely not a professional, it was complete overload.

This time around I had the opportunity to go to the blogger preview the day before and learned a lot about the show, some of the products, and what is new in the world of makeup artistry from James Vincent.

I also received a big bag o' goodies!

While at the show, I was specifically interested in snagging a couple of Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  I just love all the bright colors and cool names. The products are also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

I bought Hoochie and Beta.

I tried on Hoochie while sitting in my car.

I stopped by Senna to see what they recommend for my sparse half brows. My mom has completely sparse brows so I should consider myself lucky for the half. :)

The MUA sat me in her chair under the bright light and went to work! I've had a handful of consultations and brow shapings and this is the only time I left feeling confident I could do it myself. Turns out I still need practice but she didn't completely take the brow off and draw it in (yes, that happened) so I can go out in public without sporting a Whoopi Goldberg.

Sorry for being creepy. I was trying to get a good shot of my new brows.

I also wanted to partake of the complimentary makeover by the team from Chicagolicious. I was so close to being next but with all of the re-takes for the show I couldn't wait any longer. *sad face*

 There were gorgeously painted ladies everywhere.
It was so hard to capture how absolutely amazing her lip color was.

Eyebrow & Make-up Artist, Ashley Johns
Isn't she cute?
Owner and her sister, Magnolia Cosmetics in New Orleans
I really wanted to hang out with these ladies. I thought it would be weird to ask them over for coffee though.
They seem like a lot of fun.

...and now for a giveaway.
I'm putting out a virtual free table. If there's anything you want in the picture below. Leave a comment letting me know the best way to contact you for your address. I don't know how much interest there will be so pick up to 3. One being your first choice item. Priority will be given to blog followers.
Giveaway ends when everything is gone. I will start shipping on or around July 1.


Items include:
*claimed* Bleeding Heart mineral eyez eye shimmer in blue hawaiian, top coat, and tools - Stesha
*claimed* T3 free flow hair brush - girl get a life
*claimed* iNtense pro pressed powder pigments in electric green - Big Girl
 Senna brow shaper duo blonde
*claimed* Senna brow shaper duo ebony - Big Girl
*claimed* Senna brow brush - taylormadeinvites
*claimed* Youngblood luminous creme blush in plum satin - foodieinchicago
*claimed* Bdellium Tools precision kabuki makeup brush - YUMMommy
*claimed* Stila mascara guard & lash comb - Ellen
*claimed* $20 Gift Certificate to (I have 6!) YUMMommy, Ellen, Melody-Mae, foodieinchicago, taylormadeinvites, Stesha
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