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Thriftanista Style File: Hot pink blouse and leather vest

On Tuesday, I went on a momcation with Lady Terror. I lucked up on screening passes to see The Five Year Engagement. Afterwards, we went to the super adorable Beauty Bar to partake of the hosted bar while perched on a barstool dancing the night away.

I love how djs play all the songs I enjoy at the beginning of a set. A great mix of old school r&b, hip-hop and reggae and then they move to the new music that I no longer understand. I can have my party and be home by midnight. 

My party girl mama self likes her beauty sleep.

What I Wore

This outfit doesn't thrill me. It's doing a lot and not in a good way. Vest closed over blouse? No bueno. All of the black against the pink weren't working for me either. My shoes looked blah. I didn't have time to change though. I was running late to catch the free movie. Priorities. 

Since I'm trashing this outfit, I may as well discuss the pant and toe issue again. I look in the mirror, no toe. When I look at the picture, I see toe. These are knit pants and not leggings. There's a zipper and a button. It's a thick knit too. If I wear a longer top to cover the crotch area, it adds a lot of bulk in places I don't want to see bulk. What to do? Should I burn these pants?

For modesty's sake, I did lots of photo editing to erase the toe!
Streaking baby coming through!
 V's normal position whenever I do anything that doesn't involve her.
Hot pink sheer blouse - Ann Chabrol (thrifted)
Black leather vest - unknown (thrifted)
Black pants - Nine West
Ankle boots - Born
When was your last momcation? Where and what did you do?
Do you have knit pants? What do you wear them with?
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