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Thriftanista Style File: Green and Blue Romper

This is me yesterday wearing more mom clothes. Today I wore my thrift store shopping clothes and now I'm just down to a tank and ill fitting but comfortable cropped pajama pants...and they also have pink flowers. Tres chic!

It was way hard to get a shot of this romper without creating a faux camel toe or maybe I really did have toe *checks self in mirror*.  No, it was just the camera angle. I love the pattern on it and last year I was all into rompers. I don't think they have the same appeal for me this year. Especially one from Miley Cyrus. I'm guessing this is made for a junior body.

The jacket is on the other end of the spectrum and I just really like the color. It's lightweight too so I can cover my arms on warm sunny days and keeps my arms from breaking out due to sun allergy.

Tribal print romper - Miley Cyrus (thrifted)
Lime green jacket - Susan Bristol Petites (thrifted)
Silver flats - Talbots (thrifted)
Are there clothes from the Juniors section in your closet? Rompers?
Who else flares up when the sun comes out?
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