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Thrifted Treasure: Purple Blouse, Shoes and a YSL Belt

Quick Thrift Adventure Story

Stood in a really long line for about an hour to attend eDropoff's Charity Sale (buy a bag for $20 fill it with gently used designer merchandise). They sold out! I didn't get in at all. I didn't have an opportunity to fondle the merchandise. Super sad. The end.

What I'm Wearing

The blouse I'm wearing has a really ruffled collar that extends down the button front. Unfortunately, it's too tight for me to wear it buttoned. I know I don't have a fat neck. Fat arms? Yes. More than ample breast? Yes. Neck? No. It's petite sized so maybe that explains the neck tightness. It's a bit tight in the bust too so I can't button it all the way up without without the ruffle looking all wonky. I'll just have to love it for the cute purple design motif.

The pumps are purple. Need I say more? I do? OK. They also have a low heel and soft italian leather. The pointy toe isn't uncomfortable at all. I can wear these to the store while pushing the stroller.

I bought the belt because of the gold tone metal accents on each side of the belt. It's a part of a haul. It claims to be YSL but I'm 99% sure it's "inspired".

I started out wearing the belt on the jeans with the shirt tucked. I could see a little muffin so I untucked. I like it better this way. It's much more flattering (and comfortable). I'll probably use one of the stretchy belts next time though.

Have you ever stood in a long line for more than an hour? What was it for? Was it worth your time?
Tucked or Untucked? What is your preference?
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