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How was your weekend?

This weekend I:

Went out for indian food with 4 of my favorite people - GirlGetALife, Laila, goldhoneebee, and Latiffany. You'd think I'd have a picture considering the photos below but no. Trust me though, we had a good time. I was well fed by the two trips I took to the buffet table. We also got to enjoy a little bit of tribal fusion bellydance. I so wish I didn't suck at bellydancing.

Bought V new shoes. She has officially outgrown her itty bitty baby shoe collection.

I don't think she wore half of these.
Yes, I know there's a missing shoe in the picture. I'll find it before donating them.

The new ones - black, brown, and pink.

Baked a vegan chocolate cake with a non-vegan frosting using this recipe. I substituted banana for egg and coconut milk mixed with vinegar for buttermilk. I also used cocoa instead of chocolate chips for the frosting.

I am so proud of myself. It is the best tasting baked good I've ever made. It's rich and moist. I used a tip I got from Latiffany at the vision board wine party (where no vision boards were made). She said to let the cake cool in the oven leaving the door cracked.

it taste better than my photography skills can convey

Had my nails polished by Jennifer at a Hip Circle party.

My nails before....

and after... I got the Rock & Roses treatment.
Purple leopard with rhinestone accents on my ring fingers!

I loved her no-chip manicure. Isn't it fabulous?
There are better pics on her site.

How was your weekend? What did you do?
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