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Austin Vintage Thrift Haul

I want to warn you that this isn't your average dirt cheap thrift haul like in Miami. I was all caught up in everything's bigger in Texas and the keep Austin weird vibe, I guess. One of the cheapest of the vintage stores I visited was Monkies. It was less curated and relaxed. Again, it wasn't thrift store cheap but it was reasonably priced in comparison. I spent $91 for three dresses, a skirt, and a top -- with holes.

vintage thrift haul

Last month, I went to Austin to visit with a friend and check out the thrift scene. My community told me South Congress (SoCo) was the place to be so I started my journey there but soon realized it was way to curated, orderly and expensive for my tastes. Awesome pieces but blogging has yet to take me to baller status.

On my last day, I found Monkies Vintage. It wasn't thrift store pricing. It was Target designer collabo pricing. My favorite in this haul is an 80s florals dress with 60s style from Victor Costa. It fits like a dream. It's super poufy and makes me feel like I'm in Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun video. Is my age showing?

It's super fun. I wore it to BlogHer over the weekend and discovered it has amazingly deep side pockets! I squealed alone in my hotel room like I had just won the lottery.

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The peasant dress required a try on before I was completely sold on it. I liked the handkerchief hem and overlay off the shoulders bodice. It's very flower child and feminine. I feel like I should be running through a lavender field in it.

thrifting austin

My last dress is a floral wrap from the 70s. It's an easy day dress that I can throw on. I'm still working on building my wardrobe and this one has a somewhat matronly fit except in the boob area. It's very low cut and I like that surprise detail.

thrift haul july

I love fishnet tops for some odd reason. They're completely impractical. I like the lace flower details on this one. It's perfect for this heat but otherwise it's a hard piece to style. I've played around with a few options but nothing has grabbed me. Hopefully, Pinterest will have something for me. 

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The skirt has the cutest little flowers all over it and a dirndl skirt is forever my jam. It looks western inspired but apparently Lanz Originals is known for an Austrian influence. Weird. Like Austin.

august thrift haul

What have you thrifted lately?

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