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Thrift Haul // Dresses and Skirts That Flatter

Visiting a new thrift store is always so exciting. That is why I kind of lost my mind in Park Ave Thrift Fayetteville location. It's a newish store with a great mix of vintage and trendy.  I ended up spending $70 in this thrift haul. I had a 50% off coupon which also contributed to the madness. There were a lot of good deals and some thrift store overpriced stuff but I still came out ahead considering the prices were still better than retail. 

thrift haul july

thrift style blog
This price was super insane. The half off price was less insane but the style was unique and different from what I'm used to. I splurged.

vintage dresses
A vintage dress with gold trim and accordion pleats. The sleeves need a little surgery but otherwise it's a gem.

polka dot thrift store dress
This dress reminds me of the too small dress that I altered. It has those same slanted patch pockets and close fit. When the ladies at the thrift store mirror saw it on me, they all agreed it was a keeper even though it was not included in the 50% off sale. 

hot pink polka dot skirt
Polka dot find #2 is hot pink with a great cut. It's high waist and panels that are figure flattering.

thrift fashion blog
Apparently I was feeling greens and blues in this thrift trip because besides finding lots of  items with those colors, I found two skirts that have an interesting pattern mix of the colors. The straight skirt is vintage poly knit with green threads woven into blue skirt.

thrifted clothes
The second skirt has a pale mix of green and blue in a tropical palm print. This one always received approval at "the mirror".

max azria boots from thrift store
These BCBG Max Azria boots were more than I would normally pay for thrift but they are in really good condition. I love western style boots. I am still not sure about the cow print. I'm wondering if I can dye them brown to make it more of a classic style.

vintage fiordiluna pumps made in italy
The peep heel with bow is really unique. The leather is buttery soft on these and the old school triangle heel makes them wearable for everyday.

thrift style blogger
This is an easy summer dress. I liked the colors and the button front. It's much more figure flattering on my body than it is on the mannequin. 

thrifted clothes
This is one of three crop tops I brought home with me. It criss cross ties and wraps in the front or maybe it's a wrap front. I'm not sure but I like the bold print.

blogs about thrifting
Fun summer crop top. That is all.

thrift fashion blog
I totally flaked on this one. This top is certainly not worth $7.57. I assumed the price was the same as the other crop top. It was not.

thrift style blogs
The senior thriftanista at the "try on mirror" gave me all kinds of looks for this and flat out called it unflattering. I bought it anyway. It's a little big but I was deeply feeling the fruit embroidery. I'm thinking a pencil skirt or turning the skirt into a top somehow.

talbots from the thrift store
I'm shorts deficient and these are from Talbots. I'm a big fan of thrift store Talbots. The clothes are well made and the the cut of their clothes work with my body. The shorts are perfect for easy throw on dressing. I also like the drawstring waist and large button closure.

What have you thrifted lately?

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