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Black Friday Thrift Haul

For once in like a million years, I am under budget in a thrift haul! I was over my $20 rule but my average cost per item was only $2.58. I bought 14 much needed tops, four dresses, two skirts, a pair of pants, and a coat!

My annual Black Friday thrifting was off to a late start so I only visited one thrift store. It was one I had never been to so it still felt like an adventure. The store was super quiet too which is a major plus considering the after Thanksgiving hoopla going on.

november thrift haul

anna sui wrap dress from thrift store

You Are My First
This is my first Anna Sui find. The colors of the stripes drew me in and I love wrap dresses. Anna Sui dresses retail in the $400 range. Glad to say I paid under $3. While I don't like to buy off season, I couldn't pass up the price.

designer dresses thrift store

Cynthia Rowley is new Leslie Fay

Leslie Fay dresses are all over thrift stores. I see at least one LF dress each trip. Now I see quite a few Cynthia Rowley's dresses. More than I would expect for dresses retailing over $200. This one is another off season find. I love a drawstring waist and I'm looking forward to rediscovering it when I pull it out of storage next summer.

vintage dresses thrift store

Business As Usual

I don't own a basic black dress. Had it not been for the very cheap price, I probably wouldn't haven't bought it. It's simple and easy dressing though so it can be perked up with jewelry and shoes. Purple stripes are more my style. It's another one that's going straight to storage until next year.

vintage cashmere coat thrift haul

Is That Cashmere?

I found the coat in a random non coat aisle. It brushed my hand and I was intrigued by how soft it was. I looked inside and discovered it's vintage and cashmere. I love great coats. This is another basic black that I don't have. It will be used as an everyday coat. It has great bones and a vintage cocoon shape too.

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The Who Did it and What For

These are my oddballs of the group. I didn't understand short sleeve sweaters until I moved to Atlanta. Now I get it and the vintage 80s knit has a great fit. The wool plaid skirt fits with my love of button front full skirts.

The lace shirt will serve as a great under layer for the bust struggles. I will let Pinterest be my guide to help me out with the styling of tartan pants.

The Santa shirt reminds me of my one of my favorite Christmas movies -- Christmas Vacation.
The midi skirt was kind of Christmasy with the red trim but it's also a basic black skirt. It's been a while since I've bought so much black. I do feel like my closet was lacking especially when I'm exploding with color and want to tone down a look. I didn't have anything black to dial back with.
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The 3S's of Winter

This is major for me because I never have enough tops to go with all of the bottoms. Now I have easy sweatshirts for my morning walks. Button up shirts and sweaters that can go with jeans, pants, and skirts. All to be dressed up and down. I can't wait to fashion play with all of the patterns and textures.

Did you thrift on Black Friday?

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