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Thrifty Mom's Guide to Spa Day at Home

Thank you to Madison Reed for the opportunity to discover a healthier and convenient alternative to at-home hair color.

You may be in need of a spa day if you arrive at school drop and realize you still have your slippers on. You may need a spa day if you're wearing your spare glasses and your real glasses are on top of your head. It may be time to take a little me time when you've listened to the Frozen audiobook every single morning for the past 3 weeks.

thrifty mom guide to spa day at home

A day at the spa / salon / nail shop isn't always possible due to time and budget. Here's how you can create a spa like experience at home using what you have on hand with little to no money required.

How to Create a Spa Day at Home

Pick your beauty treatments

Only have 30 minutes? Do a quick mani with nail file, buffer and a coat of polish. Kids in school and you’re semi ok with a wrecked house? Add 2 or 3 more treatments. TIP: Make a homemade mask and body scrub with a mix of sugar, honey, evoo, and /or coconut oil. Throw in amounts you feel are best.

Grab a beverage

Water with lemon will do. A smoothie if you need a snack because you missed lunch and breakfast was a cup of coffee. Wine works too. Add a little water and call it spritzer. It's perfect for day drinking!

Set up shop in the bathroom

Bring your music. Play all the songs with curse words or turn down with "old-timey" tunes your kids hate. Find your favorite book, blogs, and movies too.

Relax and commence operation beauty

Enjoy your minutes / hours /day of pampering. Remember to book your next appointment immediately following. Seriously, block the time on your calendar and stick to it. Self care first.

My Spa Day

Yesterday while driving V to school, I got a little panicked because I didn't know where my keys were (my car key is on the ring). I knew it was time to take a mental health day. I left the morning cheerios on the floor and went straight to my home spa to refresh my highlights.

madison reed red hair color

My magenta locs are fading and the blond hair (you have to go blond to make purple happen) is peeking through. Also, an afro puff was forming on the top of my head so I focused on my hair situation. Because of the delicate nature of my hair, I ordered a box of Madison Reed hair color. TIP: You can use code MRPAMPER for 50% off your first box of hair color through November 30th.

madison reed at home hair color

It's ammonia, resorcinol, and PPD-Free, with no parabens added. The smaller color molecules create a gentler coloring process. It's also packed with hair-fortifying and protecting ingredients including argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root.

Having no experience coloring my hair, I found it to be quite easy and mess free. I was also shocked by how well the color took as locs are harder to color and I can't really do that whole saturation comb through required in dyeing. 

at home hair color

The suggested color for me via the Madison Reed website turned out to be a really good choice. Trieste Red is dark and closer to my real hair color but blends well with my magenta custom colored highlights.

After the color and wash, I relaxed with Hugh Grant and Mickey Blue Eyes as I had seen Bridget Jones a million time and there's no better choice for a mental health day.  I twisted and bantu knotted my entire head and was done by the end of this wonderfully bad chic flick. Now it back to mom duty.
AND unleashing the curls!

bantu knot curls on locs

How do you know it's time for spa day?

***in other news***

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Ashleigh said...

Very pretty! I do my "spa" days every other wednesday. The kids are in school, I'm off, and I've already cleaned the house that tuesday! I can't dye my own hair though :(

Unknown said...

OMG....I want some bantu knots sooooo bad. You look great. Your skin is AMAZING! I will have to try a spa day at home soon. xo

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