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{City} Thrift Up!

After complaining to a friend that I couldn't find my tribe, she told me to build my own. I took her advice and worked to do that through this blog, creating Thriftanista Social Club, and opening a thrift store this year -- The Thriftanista Closet. I also happen to be a lover of parties and good times so I host Thrift Ups! and other events to connect with the tribe face to face.

thrift shopping bus chicago

Party on the Bus

Last Saturday, 25 Thriftanistas boarded a party bus headed to a couple of Goodwill locations in the northern suburbs of Chicago. There was food, fellowship, and day drinking while taking in the dazzling lights.....and pole (tee hee) of the party bus. 

Brunch included a variety of savory meat stuffed buns from a local bakery, goat cheese, sundried tomato mushroom frittatas, and veggie hummus wraps plus a slew of snacks. There was also champagne, juice, and water to keep us hydrated. Yes we did all of that on the bus.

thrift tour chicago

Thrifting Goodwill

Goodwill generously provided each guest with a 10% discount at each store. As luck would have it, there was also an anniversary sale that included a 20% discount! The thrifting got serious. There were paintings and small furnishing on the party bus in addition to our bags. Note to self: bigger bus next time. 14th Street Vintage even bought chairs!

thrift up chicago


No party is complete without presents! Again, sticking with the theme of making the tribe you want, I added items to the swag bag that I would want.

Hangers because I'm always running out as a serial thrifter.
Beauty products for nails because they get so beat up and dry while thrifting.
Sample laundry products to wash new finds.
Candy to sustain us while thrifting.
Business card of the host so we can hopefully connect again in the future.

There were also donated gifts from sponsors and brands I trust and know. Expect to hear more about them!

Goodwill provided a lovely discount and swag bag goodies.
Peonia Handmade blessed us with the cutest little earrings in town.
Dell Cove Spices provided samples of their unique food gifts for entertaining with style.
Taylor Street Soap gifted us an assortment of deliciously scented luxury lip butters.
Plain Jane Soap gave us samples of their small batch natural bath & beauty products
Thrift Store Runway for copies of the book, "It's Still Smart to be Thrifty".

thriftanista thrift up

Favorite Moments

  • Seeing my anti thrift store clothes sister make her first purchase. 
  • My Coach collecting sister found two Coach wristlets. 
  • I witnessed lots of trading and swapping of finds. 
  • A non social media friend who I've known since first grade coming along and bringing a friend.
  • Putting a face to the name of people I hang out with on social media and in the blogging community.
  • Two Thriftanistas stood very close to the pole. Very very close.
  • The kindness of Goodwill's staff.

goodwill thrift haul

Thanks + Giveaway

The day was made special by the Thriftanistas who trusted and supported me in this endeavor and partied with me on this maiden 5 hour voyage. Your energy was awesome even towards the end when we ran out of mimosas and the carb coma started to set in!

I cannot wait to do it all again! In the meantime, I'd like to share a Thrift Up! gift bag with one of you. This one is a really short and super easy entry. You must either be a member of Thriftanista Social Club or a Thriftanista in the City email subscriber. Contest ends April 14th.

Good Luck and Happy Weekend!

thrift up giveaway

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Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Really love this idea! There's nothing better than a nice thrift meetup. Great giveaway too!


Lauren Kent said...

I love this! I am so proud of you for gathering your own "tribe". Very inspirational!

-Whitney- said...

Sounds like this was fun. I hope you plan on doing it again!

Shon said...

Man, what fun this is...wish I lived in your city so I could be a part of your tribe!!

Dina's Days said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! Love this. We have an event planned with Goodwill in May, can't wait for it!

Goody said...

i had a really fun time! looking forward to the next one!

Ashleigh said...

LOVE! I ams o jelaous that your sister found those awesome Coach wristlets! and way to go to get someone to the thrift store for the first time. I wish I lived closer!

Antionette Blake said...

What a fantabulous event, we need something like this in Delaware @Goodwillde

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