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Thrift Find: Multicolor Striped Blazer

Is it even possible to pass a striped blazer with every color in the crayon box Pantone Spring Fashion Report and not pick it up? I couldn't do it. I had to see what it was. It turned out to be a perfectly fitting vintage poly knit blazer with awesome chevron patch pockets. 

stripes trend J Brand jeans pointy toe kitten heel

One of the main reasons why I thrift is because I like to find one of a kind original items. I like trendy sometimes but it's just so much more fun to play in a closet full of oddball unique pieces.

j brand jeans

I cannot believe this next thrift store find -- J Brand jeans! That's my thrifting white whale. Now I can stop thrifting! It's the one brand I had never seen in a thrift store. I've heard good things about the fit and was so excited to see them and its colored construction paper price tag.  $7 on a half price day -- $3.50. Pow!

They retail between $150 - $200. 

stripes trend blazer jacket

I like them but they are low rise. I gave up plumber butt jeans about a year ago. I'll keep these though and have to remember to wear very long tops.

They are super long too. I made a faux jeans hem by tucking some of the bottom in but leaving the hem exposed. I'll sew them officially one day......or not.

blazer jeans and kitten heel shoes

They also happen to be quite similar to the pair I have on my weekend casual polyvore. I will have to make more fashion vision boards!

vintage stripe blazer jacket

Pointy toe shoes have been on my ban list too. I haven't worn these kitten heel purple pretties in a while. They're actually pretty comfortable since the heel is so low. They don't squeeze left baby toe either.

cute outfit for spring
THRIFT vintage multicolor blazer - J Brand jeans - 80's Caressa pumps RETAIL Express blouse

What's your thrifting white whale?

In other news, did you catch my $25 Bed Bath & Beyond giveaway? Winner will be chosen on Monday!



Aracely said...

You always find great pieces. Love the outfit, the jeans look great on you.

Kari at A Grace Full Life said...

I absolutely love this!
I am goin' shopping with you at YOUR thrift store!

Shon said...

Nice! What a lovely side shot/profile! This look is so stylish, colorful and on trend!!

Enjoy and be glad I don't live in Chi-town as I would be in your closet!! LOL

Lay Marie said...

I love the colors on that blazer ! That's a great deal (:

Tia said...

That blazer is gorgeous! Great find!!

Silhouette de Femme said...

love love that blazer! What a score!

laniza said...

What a cool blazer!

Splendor said...

Love that colorful jacket! I need to schedule a thrift trip with you. Seriously.

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