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Thriftanista Style File: Free HM black shift dress

I hope this pic doesn't make your eyeballs hurt. I've been playing around in Pixlr. I tried to turn my cluttered background into a deconstructed abstract artsy backdrop. The things I do sans camera.

I dusted off this picture from last month that was never posted.

This is me on a day hanging out with V. It's an easy comfortable dress and the heels aren't that high. They aren't good for strolling but my feet were fine getting in and out of the car running errands.

The dress was absolutely free. My neighborhood had a 5 day free market. Did you hear that? Free stuff!!!! You can drop off or take. I did both.

I actually scored the dress on the way to the free market. One of the members of the Thriftanista Social Club just happened to be walking to the market too. She asked if I wanted to look through her drop offs first. Of course I do. So not only was it free, I didn't have to throw 'bows for it. It gets a little crazy when "free" is being served.

Black shift dress - H&M (free)
Black sandals - Simply Vera by Vera Wang (thrifted)

I had never heard of free markets. 
Are you familiar with them? Do you have one in your area?

In other news, I'm playing around with le blog. I added a calendar and social media buttons to the right side bar. The calendar has events and sales that interest me and may interest you too (if you're local).  The social media buttons have all the ways you can connect with me in cyberspace.  Click one (or 8)!  I also have links to my etsy and ebay stores at the bottom, check it out. My stores are still a work in progress so email me if you have questions. Thanks!


That's My Mama said...

Ok first I like the artsy background :) Second, I need to have a free market in my area. It would be pretty fun to do...may just have to do that. Great Idea :)

Michelle Garrett said...

Ok, That's My Mama took the words out of my mouth..err...fingertips :)

The outfit is too divalicious and, even better, it was super duper thifty! Love, love, love it!

The background is awesome and makes you "pop" more!

I definitely will be checking to see if my area has a free market or perhaps instituting one in my neighborhood. That would be awesome. So, are the items left over donated or what?

Jeanine Byers said...

Cute dress!! Wow, a free market? Never heard of it. Sounds great, though!

Aramide said...

Cute look and what a major score! And can you dish more on this free market?? Where in Chicago was that? I'd love to go to one!

Mimi said...

"throw bows" Hilarious!! Loving the new look and the dress. Can't beat free..EVER

Mrs. Pancakes said...


Mama Violet said...

Get to it! Free markets rule.

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Michelle. After the 5 day market there was a community swap so non clothing items went there and the clothing was donated. I love how the recycling keeps going.

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Jeanine!

Mama Violet said...

Thanks! The went to the free market in Rogers Park. I think they do it monthly at Mess Hall.

Mama Violet said...

I know, right? I will say some people took advantage of the free but it was pretty peaceful. Just stay out of the way of the person who loves free more than you.

Mama Violet said...

Thank you!

MissRockwell said...

I've never heard of a free market but anytime free is involved it must be good!

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