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Thrifted Treasure: (mini) Thrift Haul

It's been over a week since I've stepped foot in a thrift store. My goal is to refrain until the June 10th $10 bag sale at Unique. Wish me luck!

These are the items from my last trip. My friend asked me to go shopping and of course I couldn't say no even though I had been twice in the same week already.

What I Thrifted

Faux snakeskin peep toe pumps.
I thought these were really cute and shelled out the $7 even though it's quite expensive for thrift store prices. I get home and walk around and hear this awful noise. These are the noisiest shoes ever! I hope they will quiet down after I wear them a few times.
SN: You have to pay extra for a very clean and well organized store. 
Is it like that in your area?

Brand new shorts from Express. 
Another thrift store budget buster from Goodwill.

Two tees because I don't have very many in my closet. 
The pink one was brand new with tags still on.

Old school polka dot top with puffy sleeves.

Simply Vera by Vera Wang sandals.
I love the wood heel.

It's small but I think it was pretty fruitful. What do you think?

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Easy peasy just leave a comment. :)


That's My Mama said...

Great haul. Love the shoes with the wooden heel...I understand how you feel about the pricing. I usually go to the neat and pretty stores when I have a lil money to blow lol. I like the small and slightly messy ones because I like finding random great things.

YUMMommy said...

I think you have some pretty good finds there especially the graphic tees and heels.

Kish said...

Dang! You really found some great deals...items with tags still on them for that cheap??? I need to go back to Chicago! ;)

Mama Violet said...

I like 'em dirty as dirty can be. The deals are better. :)

Mama Violet said...

C'mon let's go!

MissRockwell said...

I haven't been thrifting in over 2 weeks and I am seriously going through withdrawals over here! Those are some great finds-especially the peep toe pumps and new Express shorts.

Splendor said...

Good haul! You thrifters inspire me.

Mama Violet said...

Thank you. I took a 2 week break myself. Felt so good to go back!

Mama Violet said...


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