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Thrifted Treasure: On TV

The thrifting segment I taped a couple of weeks ago aired today. I had a million criticisms of myself and I did my best to quiet my brain and focus on the positives. It's so necessary to be your own biggest fan and cheerleader. If you don't love and appreciate your greatness, no one else will. Do you and embrace your fabulousness! Now I will stop with the "guru-esque" quotes. Here's what I most enjoyed about the experience:

I did a brand new thing that I was afraid to do. 

My blog got a numbers boost.

I like the way my voice sounds.

I shared the awesomeness that is THRIFTING!

I showcased some of my thrifty finds.

My nails looked great.

I met some new thrifters.

I saw Bob Sirott in the studio. I'm a long time fan.

Are you overly critical of yourself? How do you quiet that voice in your head?

The video freezes a lot but if you can get it to work...Enjoy!
You are welcome to stop by and look at on my DVR too. :)

UPDATE: My partial recording of the recording can be found here.

UPDATE II: There's now a working video embedded on my right sidebar. Yay!

My list of thrifting tips on the show was shortened. A few were shared during the segment. These are the tips I submitted:
  • Have patience. You may have to dig to find treasures!
  • Arrive early and shop during off peak hours.
  • Sign up with store mailing list to find out about sales and rewards programs.
  • Bring cash. Some stores are cash only.
  • Dress comfortably. Bring as little as possible into store.
  • Some thrift stores don't have dressing rooms. Wear a light layer under your clothes for trying on clothes in public areas.
  • Bring a measuring tape. Know your measurements.
  • Ignore size labels.
  • Inspect items for defects, tears, holes, stains, etc.
  • Be mindful of additional cost from dry cleaning, tailoring, and repairs. Ask yourself if item is worth it? 
What thrift shopping tips do you have?


mom.of.7 said...

Hi, I am writing to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster award. It was given to me a few days ago and now it is your turn to receive it. I chose you because your blog has really drawn me in... not to mention you're a fellow Chicagoan! lol Come to my blog and get the directions on how to retrieve your award. Congratulations!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Don't shop? That's my advice.

Bob Sirott? Why was he there? Any ideas?

Mama Violet said...

Thank you so much! I'll be over tomorrow.

Mama Violet said...

We wre at fox. We had to stop taping while he recorded some teasers....not sure that's the right word. There was breaking news. I enjoyed watching him work.

Style4Curves said...

I am overly critical of my blog pics sometimes but I just keep pushing forward. I'm proud of you!!

DaenelT said...

Way to go! I'm so proud of you. And, yep, I'm critical of everything that I do. And I mean everything.

jerseytjej said...

I commend you for finding your niche and making it work. Love your styles and wish I could go with you :)

Houseful Of Nicholes said...

Congratulations! Now this makes me really excited for our thrifting trip!

Baby Shopaholic said...

This is fab lady! Congrats! I hate my voice and taking pictures! I am getting better at taking pictures since starting the blog. We all find everything wrong with ourselves but it is really just fine!

Mama Violet said...

Thank you! I agree. It's certainly working for you. You look great on your blog. :)

Mama Violet said...

Thank you. Glad I'm not alone.

Mama Violet said...

Thanks so much.

Love your blog. We could do a virtual shop. Share a haul!

Mama Violet said...

It was a good time. I did leave a fabulous purple blazer behind that I can't stop thinking about. Le sigh. Tempted to go back.

Mama Violet said...

Thank you. You're so right. It is fine. I feel more comfortable in my skin for having had the experience too.

Mimi said...

Woot Woot! You did great. Yes, we are our own worse critics. I think we all fall into the trap but you did right by highlighting your strengths. I didn't see anything wrong!

Mama Violet said...

Thanks, Mimi!

Tricia Hersey said...

wish I could see the video. boo. congrats on doing it. it's sooo awesome!
I am more critical of things like my parenting skills than photos or speaking in public. I am pretty much fearless when it comes to public stuff. it's the ham in me. :) you forgot one tip tho : "throw it in the cart!" lol.

Mama Violet said...

Yes! Just throw in the bag!!!!!

I asked for a copy of the video. We'll see if anyone responds. Still working on my bootleg.

S is a fantastic kid so you must be doing something right.

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