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Shoe Style Saturday: The Beaters

These are my favorite shoes. They are beat up, run down, and scruffy. The soles talk to me. The faux cork material is worn off from my pigeon toed walk.
I can't seem to throw them away though. Every time I clean my closet they go in the garbage pile but I always fish them out.

My plan is to have a craft party. Sip some barbie juice and cover them with an african wax print.
I'm too cheap frugal to take a class. There are lots of tutorials online.
This one is my favorite. I love how they turned out.

Any other ideas on how I can spruce them up? Repair the faux cork or the metallic fabric? Purchase a new pair on the cheap (size 8)?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Okay, so you, my friend Erin and I did a post, but no Dani. We'll have to ask for shoe style Sunday...

Don't get rid of these, they look too, too comfy.

DaenelT said...

Those are too cute. I'd keep them too. Love the idea of wrapping the heel in an African wax print (make sure you post the finished product).

I apologize for not posting the link on Saturday but we had a death in the family. I've posted the link tonight if you'd like to link up.

Mama Violet said...

I'm going to keep them and hopefully I'll get around to covering them soon. There's an Etsy craft party this Friday maybe I can work on it there.

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