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Brain Dump

Last week was a really busy week for me and my sidekick:

I went to a job interview and V was left in the care of her baby whisperer Uncle. The wine consultant job turned out to not be the dream job I had pictured. V did well with her first time being without Mom and Dad.

We went to the babywearing Zumba class. It was a lunch time party and we will be going back. Next time I'm putting her on my back so she can see everything. I managed to break a little sweat. *pats self on back*

V participated in a study for Northwestern's Infant Lab. She was more interested in the chair we sat in than the pictures and noises she was presented with.

V started eating food with gusto! Fabulous! Good thing my mommy bought me a Magic Bullet. Gourmet baby food will be served.

Made 2 trips to the other end of the city. This is unusual for me.

We went to a BGLH Natural Hair Meetup and saw @LilOmm from the Twitterverse.

We visited with my grandmother, mama (all the way from Vegas), and my sisters.

I brainstormed a business opportunity with my BFF. We need to do more of that and get it started.

I received some business planning advice from my baby sister.

And today, I worked 4 hours for the classes I have taken and will be taking at Hip Circle Studio and had a ginormous lunch with Him and the Queen.

Fat cheeks!
Whew! What have you been up to?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Now it's time to make a trip to A-Town!

The Zumba class sounds fun, good for you both!

Camishar said...

Diva I'm tried honey after reading through your list. Get it girl!! Um can I just say Ms Queen is beyond words, I love the cheeks.

I had a weekend full of nothing :) How as the BGLH meet-up? I get the invites but I've never been to one. Was it nice ?

V dot said...

You were busy!

I was in Indiana on Saturday - went with the whole fam for an Easter 'thing'. Then we had dinner in Indiana.

My mom didn't make Sunday dinner so I spent the day catching up on naps and cuddling with my new cat, Basil (Mr. Cuddleupagus in private)!

Manecoarse said...

Aww, the baby is getting a little drink from a straw. What an adorable shot.

Christina said...

Wow, this was a busy week! You make me feel lazy, lol, Izzy and I only go to Target/walmart once a week, lmbo!

Mama Violet said...

@Ellen we'll see once the weather "breaks".

@Cami the meetup was good. Lots of vendors. I didn't buy anything though. :(

@v dot so what are you and Mr. C doing for Easter?

@Manecourse she has to be involvrd in the meal or she isn't happy.

@Christina we don't normally get out much either. We need warmer weather!

DaenelT said...

Baby wearing Zumba? How fun!

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