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8 months: Love. Sleep. Eat. Teeth?

She loves
Kisses - she understands "Give me a kiss?" in english and swahili and opens her mouth wide and leans in for a wet smooch. She's also starting offering up kisses to us too. Awwww.

Crawling - She's crawling buuuut it's not her preferred mode of transportation. She'll explore what ever is around her and will crawl around to search for lint, cords, cell phones, and remote controls. However, if I try to get her to crawl to me she starts whining, falls on her tummy, and demands to be carried.

She was interested in nibbling on my shoe (another one of her favorites) so I kept moving back and she kept crawling. 
Why yes I am wearing a black shoe and a purple shoe.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - still a fan. She's now starting to laugh and talk/sing when it's on. I love that she loves it and I can make coffee in peace.

Climbing - She's trying to skip the crawl and get to walking and standing. She's been trying to pull herself and also stand from the crawl position.

She sleeps
We've had some pretty decent sleep going on the past couple of weeks. She goes down at 7p. She wakes up between 11p and 1a. I've dropped the feeding 2 nights ago. I go in and give her a pacifier and let her sort herself out. She wakes again between 4a and 6a. I feed her and she will normally sleep another hour or 2!

She eats
She likes the mashed sweet potatoes so that's what I've been feeding her all the time. I try new veggies periodically but it's only the sweet potatoes she'll open her mouth for over and over again. She's still a milkaholic. If I'm still asleep in the morning I let her have "open tap". She plays around in the bed and just snacks away off and on.

I love her toothless smile and I'm a little scared of breastfeeding with little teeth in her mouth. Just curious though. Where are the teeth?


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I love how kids just know ... throw self down and mama will carry me. They're smart.

We just tried sweet potatoes with Gavin last night ... it was the first food he didn't wince and initially hate. I think this is where the sugar addiction starts. ha.

Mama Violet said...

@Nilsa I think V started with the breastmilk. It's real sweet. I have a fridge full of sweet potatoes. Boring. I want to make some blends!

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