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Thrifted Treasure: vibrant things!

Some days I actually do go to the thrift store with intentions of just looking. I tell myself I won't buy unless it's really really special. REALLY special and then I get the fever. I start putting stuff in my cart. I become attached and can't leave without my merch. - I shall go into the thrift store just to look.

That's what happened last week. I'm in the middle of a move (closer to the thrift store, yay!) so I definitely should not bring more stuff to pack!

Oh well, I'm an addict. I can't help myself. I paid $20 and this is....

What I Thrifted

colorful pants
Turquoise tapered jeans from Dana Buchman on the left.  Brightly colored floral pants from Alberto Makali on the right.
I think I will "skinny" them both for a more current look. I love the high waists and bright colors.

Sequin shouldered tee from Boston Proper, a brand new orange tank from Old Navy, and a silky boxy white blouse. All have great little details that oomph them up a bit. Gold sequins on the tee. The tank is plain but the color is amazing. The blouse has button openings on the shoulder. 

I snag them when I see them because I rarely find great ones among the sea of broken scratched lenses in the bin.
I've never worn aviators. I like my sunglasses super duper big and dark. I really like the way both pairs looked on so I'm giving them a try. Does anyone know the brand logo on the gold tone pair?

You like? 
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