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Thrifted Treasure: estate sale, thrift store, and the vintage bazaar

I had a wonderful weekend of thrift fun. I went to a couple of estate sales looking for cheap step stools. Exciting right? Not really but look what I left with? I thought these were a bargain at $20 each. 
Already framed and they match perfectly with the rest of our artwork.
African Art

African Art

I made a quick trip to Unique's 50% off sale. I picked up lots but left with little. I edited a lot to get the checkout with 2 items. My plan is to remove 2 things from my closet. I'm trying to "do better". Keep  the purging constant.

My super petite thrift haul included a leather and snakeskin shoulder / clutch bag ($3.50)

and brand new pink Unlisted flats ($3).

I also went to The Vintage Bazaar with a couple of members of the Thriftanista Social Club. 
SN: You don't have to be local to join!

I bought nothing. I really did just browse. Oh wait, I stuffed my face with wild boar tacos and mini donuts. I left the house without eating and therefore scarfed my food down in a matter of minutes. No time for taking pictures. 

My friends found some gems though.

mesmerizing circle statement necklace

70s wedges

vintage keys that will be used as tree ornaments

groovy phone

avocado green fondue set

70s hanging lamp

Do you like the treasure?
What did you find this weekend?
PS: I'm trying to understand how linky works so I can actually SEE what everyone found. Stay tuned and get ready to link up!

In other news: I was Friday's Style Fix on Stesha's blog Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha. Check it out!
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