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Thriftanista Style File: Animal print and peep toe patent

I buy clothing that just aren't appropriate for traipsing through the park with V. By traipsing, I mean casually strolling for all of 10 seconds and then it's all marathon running to stop V from falling off of something or pretend racing (even though it's pretend, I'm still faster and I always win).

This is yesterday's park attire. I think I need to take it down a notch since we'll be spending more time outside running around and playing in dirt/sand. I need to banish all low rise jeans from my closet. I mooned folks all over the park.

This prompted a thrift store excursion, of course. I found 3 pairs that are a little closer to my belly button. One of them being a vintage pair that are just above my belly button. I feel very Crissy Snow (Three's Company) in them.

I was hot yesterday in this jacket. Not HAUTE but hot! It was 80 degrees!!!! In Chicago! In March! What? I didn't want to take my jacket off though. The random tee I'm wearing underneath is shorter than the jacket. I was serving up enough backside already.

Zebra print jacket/shirt - Covington (thrifted)
Skinny jeans - Akira
Black patent flats - unknown (thrifted)
Yellow plastic "banana" bracelet - unknown (thrifted)
Are you waiting for high waist to trend again?
What's your park play momfit?

*I have a pair of Hudson jeans listed on eBay, check it out here.
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