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Thrifting Thursday: Mama Style

The tunic is from the epic thrift haul. There's really nothing special about it except for the fact that it was $0.45. I would have probably left it behind but at that price...why not bring it home?

The jeans are from a recent thrift date I had at Goodwill with GirlGetALife*, Latiffany, Laila, and goldhoneebee. They were $7.99. Goodwill has really nice well organized items and the thrift store smell isn't quite as potent. I guess you have to pay extra for that. The fit is perfect and they are super stretchy. I like dark colored denim and these are practically black. FACT: They are the only pair of jeans I own that don't have that huge gaposis in the back or some other fitting issue. The jeans are originally from Akira. They aren't that expensive so I may splurge and buy a couple of BRAND NEW pairs.

I need more jeans that fit well. I'm a dress and heels kinda girl but that doesn't really fit into my lifestyle right now. This outfit is perfect as an everyday mom uniform. I need about 14 more of these in my closet.

O this is why I take pictures during nap time!
I love my silver Talbots ballet slippers from Marshalls. Great shoe for walking/carrying V around and still looking "pulled together". I need several more pairs. They are crazy expensive for a flat when I checked them out on the Talbots website. If you spot a cheap pair in size 8, let me know.

What does your mom uniform look like?

*Part II of our date was going to see the Help, check out GirlGetALife's take on it here.
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