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Movie Night

Last week I went to see Jumping the Broom with the Real Girlfriends meetup. It was my first time in a theater in a really long time. It was so nice to just sit and watch. No baby. No internet. No cooking. No eating. No multitasking. I now want a day (or 7) to watch all of my favorites. His head would probably explode though if he had to watch them all!

Breakfast at Tiffany's - I love Audrey and I love her best as Holly Golightly. She was so confident and pretty. The clothes, gahhhh. In the movie (the book has the real source), her dates give her $100 for the powder room. Sign me up for that job!

Rosemary's Baby - Hubby sells her uterus to spawn the son of Satan in exchange for fame and fortune. I could tell Guy was a peen before he made the pack with the devil.

Cooley High - I know every line from this movie. I want to go on a Cooley High tour and go see all the spots from the movie. *singing* It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday (the original not the Boys II Men version).

Sex and the City 1 & 2 - The pretty colors. The clothes. The fantasy. The SATC series history. I don't care how old they are. They're still fab!

Living Out Loud - Loved Queen Latifah as a singer. Great soundtrack.

Muriel's Wedding - the oddball quirky chick makes good and ABBA songs!

Baby Face - Barbara Stanwyck as Lily Powers who sleep her way to the top. Risque for the 30's, no?

Love Actually - Colin Firth and Hugh Grant

Party Girl - A girl who likes to party and wants to become a librarian. Story of my life.

Bridget Jones' Diary 1 & 2 - Colin Firth and Hugh Grant

What are some of your favorite movies? When was the last time you watched one and did nothing else?

Happy Friday!
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