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Thrifting Thursday: Tassels & Vintage

It was a cold, rainy and extremely windy day yesterday. I went ahead with my plans anyway. I incorporated a bit of summer brights to cheer me up a bit about the craptastic autumn weather.

The georgette blouse has a drawstring waist and dolman sleeves. The top is a bit short on me so I just left it loose for a more boxy look. It has so many colors in it. I think it's a versatile piece that can dressed up or down. I bought it because it looked brand new even though it's from the 80s. It has a cute little tassel on the front and back. They're a bit raggedy now that I've washed it but still cute.

I've had the coat for many years. It feels like a wool knit. It's vintage. It has the union label tag! I love the shape and how well it fits me. I can never pass up an item that fits my arms.

It has a gorgeous orange lining that is in need of repair or replacing. The buttons are beat up too. When I bought it, I had grandiose ideas of replacing the lining and buttons myself. That's not going to happen anytime soon. It looks fine wearing it as is.

Enlarge and take a closer look at the rainbow of colors in the top and the button situation on the coat.

What color should I change the lining to?
Leopard ? Zebra? Purple? Stick with orange?
What about the buttons?
What say you?

Do you do clothing repairs yourself or leave it to the professionals?


Cherrie J. said...

I would say change the lining to leopard...because Im a leopard fanatic! lol. I love the colors in the blouse. Its so pretty!


Nellie said...

I would stick with the orange, I love opposing colors on the in and out, but I'm no expert! :)

Jeannee said...

Love the blouse - wow! No (sigh) I don't do clothing repair - my mother used to, but she's been gone now a while, so ... if it really needs help - well, it goes to "Sally" as my Dad used to say (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.)

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Ladies for your input. How does an orange fabric with a leopard print sound? Too much? Hmmmmm

@Jeannee now that I've made peace with the fact that I'm not going to get around to all of these repair projects, I am just donating. Hopefully, someone else will do right by them.

Sarah Grecco said...

I vote leopard!!! I LOVE THAT COAT. When you get sick of it send it to me will ya?? Haha.

Get Up & Go

Mama Violet said...

@Sarah Grecco Welcome, leopard fan! Now I just have to get around to putting in the new lining. I've worn the coat a handful I times since I got it. I think with a new lining I'll be wearing it a lot more.

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