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Hydrating Dry Skin with RevelationsRX Face Masks

Many thanks to RevelationsRX face masks for sponsoring today’s story and rejuvenating my skin!

You know how personal self care gets tossed to the side when you become a parent? It becomes one of the last things on our list. I used to be religious about my Friday night manicure.

RevelationsRX skin therapy serum

Lately, there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get it done. When the real issue is I'm not making time for it. I want to do better this year. I'm definitely working towards making self care a priority. As we all should. Treat yourself.

Now let me step down off of my soapbox and show you what I did to make the best of kind of a crappy day.

Last night was a rather crazy, sleepless night and all I wanted was a nap but it seems I had actual appointments. Most of my days are set by me. The night I get 4 hours of sleep, I have a busy schedule to keep and Violet is just a touch more whiny. *cue the tiny violin*

As my brain was total mush by noon, I took a time out.

I have super dry skin so I went straight for the RevelationsRX Deep Hydrating mask. It's purpose is to cool, sooth, hydrate and plump the skin for a more youthful glow.

RevelationsRX face masks

RevelationsRX's breakthrough technology delivers more nourishing ingredients to the deeper layer of skin that needs it most. These patented serums, born out of wound healing science, offer a remarkable improvement in the appearance and rejuvenation of skin. They are also free of parabens, dyes,  sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and gluten.

RevelationsRX works by delivering large amounts of vitamins and nutrients through the biocellulose masks and the target serum rollers. The natural mask (derived from coconut fibers) drenches your face with the ingredients quickly and the serum maintains results between treatments with no mess or waste.

I was able to apply the mask pretty easily. It was cool and refreshing. I can't wait to try it in the summer months.

The actual mask is sandwiched between white protective liners that's a little bit Mike Myers Halloween hockey mask. So, I won't frighten you with all the pictures but it's a pretty simple application.

RevelationsRX Deep Hydrating

Step 1:
Cleanse face. Unfold mask and remove of the two liners.

Step 2:
Apply mask with remaining liner facing out. Press firmly and smooth to fit the curves of your face.

Step 3:
After 5 minutes, peel off the remaining liner and smooth the liner against your face.

Step 4:
After 45 minutes, remove the mask and pat face to absorb any excess. Done!

RevelationsRX Tired Eyes

I really liked how easy it was to apply and it was mess free despite being really wet. My face feels smooth and hydrated. It's plumper too. Can you tell?

I actually felt a bit rejuvenated after and had a second wind. Sometimes you have to sit down to get up. Does that make sense? If not, I blame the lack of sleep.

Do you have dry skin? Have you tried face masks?

If you'd like to give RevelationsRX a try, use code "LQ02" for $15 off your first mask and a a free trial complementary mask (retail value of $15).

RevelationsRX Firming Anti Aging

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