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DIY Bauble Earring to Wire Ring

Found a cute little earring in my hodge podge thrift bag. It didn't have a mate so I did a quick bauble and wire ring DIY. The earring has beautiful colored cabochons and I didn't want to toss it. Over the weekend, I took about 15 minutes and refashioned my earring into a ring! Valentine's Day loving the unloveable week continues.

DIY earring to ring

DIY Bauble & Wire Ring

earring to ring

What you need:
-wire cutter

This was really an exploration project so I played it by ear. It was hard to document steps as I just did a lot of bending, twisting, twirling, and looping to achieve the look I wanted.

Generic what to do:
Cut the post off of the earring using wire cutters.
Twist the wire through the loops in the earring and tuck in end piece.
Using finger as a form, twist the wire around a finger to your liking.
Make loops to attach the other side together.

earring to ring

The end.

earring to ring

Yesterday, I attempted a Valentine's Day inspired manicure during Violet's nap. I believe I tried this before but it came out really bad so I painted over the whole thing. This time it wasn't as bad. Can you see the hearts? Squint and then tilt your head and they should become visible. See 'em?

earring to ring

I'm wearing a dress from friend's closet. Same friend with the Anthropologie sweater. It's a comfy vintage house dress but I think I will wear it outside when summer arrives. Can't wait!

earring to ring

Violet's judging side eye. Pretty sure she thinks I'm weird. She wanted the ring too. She wore it the rest of the day. I took it back when it was bath time and will hide it from her later. I win.

earring to ring

In other news:

***I wrote a post on looking fabulous in thrift fashion, check it out at Thrift. City. Life. Feel free to comment with your tips!***

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