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Style File: Vintage Metallic Knit

You know I have a fondness for sparkly things. I spotted this purple sweater with metallic threads running through it last year. I was so excited about it that I neglected to check for defects. Turned out to have several holes. It's a very loose weave and prone to unraveling. It's easy to fix though with a needle and thread!

Love the slouchy banded sleeve and a boatneck too. It's a very comfortable sweater to wear. My feet may be chopped liver but oh wells..

I don't know if you can see in the picture but there's a cat in the window behind me. Yes folks, now I'm being photobombed by a cat! The baby and the baby's father also made an appearance.

vintage metallic knit sweater // Raje Ltd. / thrifted
jeans // Refuge /thrifted
color block pumps // INC / Macy's

 4 color - colorblock pumps with a bow

 Photobooth fun at Black Book's Mixers and Shakers event. 
I'm usually really bad in the photobooth. I always have mad pokerface. I think the trick is several alcoholic beverage.

I loved Ms. Stoli Salted Karmel / French Vanilla's costume. The top hat and sparkles are super adorable.

Comfort over style or style over comfort? or Both?
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