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Thrifted Treasure: Brown Tunic, Fun Fur & Boots

Can you guess what day I wore this on? Hint: I'm wearing red (earrings) and green (earrings & blazer). I was in the holiday spirit when I dressed on Christmas. I don't have a lot of reds and greens in my closet but there is a lot of brown. Le boring.

The brown tunic I'm wearing is from the Gap. It was $2.50. Since I have a die hard love for tunics, I couldn't pass it up. It's really comfortable and nursing friendly. The pattern is nice too.

I've worn the jacket before here. I adore it. It set off my new found love of the color green. The boots are also a repeat. They are really comfortable. They are hard to take off though. No zippers so I have to do a lot of yanking to free my foot. I still love them for the wedge.

The vintage coat has also made an appearance here but not with my fabulous H&M faux fur stole. Isn't it fun? I didn't have it on very long because we had really mild temps on Christmas. I was too hot baking in it. We'll have really cold temps soon and I'll be bundled up in a North Face. I have to find some alternative ways of wearing it. With a Sweater? Blazer?

I love it when I check the price of a thrifted item and find out how much it's going for in store. I paid $6 for the boots and online they average about $70. Forget after Christmas sales, the thrift store is where the real deals are!

Do you google your thrift merchandise? 
Did you find amazing after Christmas deals?
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