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40 Thrift Style Bloggers to Follow

I've gathered a list of some of my favorite bloggers who incorporate thrift and vintage fashion to create their own beautiful and unique style. Check them out and don't forget to leave a comment letting me know who I've missed. 

40 Thrift Style Bloggers to Follow

thrift style bloggers

The Outfit Repeater  - thrift finds and modern trends (Formerly An Old Story)
Chic on the Cheap - style blogger on a budget mixing thrift with current trends
Chioma’s Evolution of Style - effortless mix of old and new with lots of color
ColorBlind - group leader for Thrifter's Anonymous as well as a fitness goddess

DC Goodwill Fashionista - savvy and entertaining insight on vintage and contemporary style (NEW ADDITION)
Dina’s Days - thrift style and diy in Akron
Dr. Fashionista's: Stylelized for the Thrift Eye - Ph. D thriftanista valuing resale before retail
Fashion Plate KC - fashion, food, and lifestyle in Kansas City
Fashion Steele NYC - thrifting NYC in fabulous sample sale, thrift, and vintage finds
Green & Gorgeous - life, style, and creativity with substance

thrift fashion blogs

Heart Print Style - DC thriftanista weaving in current trend
Just Jewels 4 U - vintage queen and curator of #365dresses
Katie Like Me - plus size blogger who sold her soul to the thrift store
Keiko Lynn - fashionable thrifter and beauty blogger

Knocked Up Fabulous -  thrift and a red lippy like no other
Le Hoarder - thrift adventurer who can also hunt down penny designer finds at Nordstrom
Little Big Blog - vintage treasures and thrifty living
Looking Fly on a Dime - thrift shopping queen and author of Looking Fly on a Dime
Lovely You faith, family, and fashion

vintage style blogs

Messages on a Napkin - a lesson in vintage style and boot strapped brands
Run Style Run - mormon, thrift, and fitness chic
Sas-ee Chic - curvy girl fashion, style, and beauty
Shop It - modern and vintage with a love of all things southern

Similar Styles - recreated high end fashion looks with a thrifty spin
Strictly Thrifty - making old clothes look new
Style Honestly - thrift store junkie with a passion for style, cut, and color
Suburban Style Challenge - budget style in the suburbs of Chicago
Tales from the Thrift - chaser of thrift scores who's not afraid to get a little dirty

thrift style

Thrift & Shout - inspiration to life fabulously without spending a fortune
Thrift and Threads - classic style in thrift and contemporary pieces
Thriftanthology - thrift finds and thoughts on thrift culture
ThriftEye - thrifting escapades of a librarian

Thrifting Diva - fashionista and thriftaholic
Too Cheap Blondes - designer looks for pennies on the dollar
Two Stylish Kays - personal shopper and founder of Thrifting Atlanta meetup group
Whitney Nic James - curvy girl fashion while inspiring your soul
Style For Less Vegas thrifted, fabulous, and over 50

Which thrift style bloggers do you follow?


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