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Summer Shirtdress in September

I'm just as shocked as everyone else that it is September. Where'd summer go? While I'm noticing more dead leaves on the ground the temps have not cooled off. Thankfully, I'll be sweaty glowing for at least the next week with temps in the 90s. I do not mind at all.

shirtdress style ideas

I was able to unearth my mini shirtdress in one of the many boxes. Haven't located an iron though as you can plainly see.  It was just so right for today. Nothing special going on. Completely casual, simple, and all cotton to absorb some of this "glow".

moms over 40 style

This dress is definitely made for a junior's shape so my 40 year old curves give it a completely different look then the teenager who probably donated it to the thrift store.

It's ok to abandon rules and fashion restrictions for what feels good. No white after Labor Day. My legs are too short for long skirts. I'm too big to wear prints.

Wear it all proudly and you'll look great!

what i wore with floral wedges

I even broke out the Toms with the pillowy soft leather footbed to keep my feet from sloshing about. They also keep my look from going sexpot level given the short length of the shirt...errr..dress. This is my second experiment with stripes and florals. I'm surprised by how much I like the look of it. It's a subtle print mixing. I prefer more unconventional mixing like sequins and baroque.

thrifted toms floral wedge

I'm actually not too cool for school in my vintage sunglasses. They are pretty awesome with the oversized shape and partial cat eye of the frame but I'm sure there's a sliding makeup mess under them so I opted to keep them on.

Have you moved on to fall or are you still in summer clothes?

vintage cateye sunglasses
THRIFT Piper & Blue shirtdress - vintage sunglasses - Toms floral wedge sandals

***in other news***

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striped shirtdress outfit


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