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{SAHM Style} Blanket Scarf

Happy New Year! I haven't blogged since last year! *chuckle, chuckle*. I'm on a couch island staying cozy and warm with help from the "blanket" around my neck. Scarves this big can be costly but guess what's cheaper? Fabric. I am wearing enough fabric to cocoon myself in while I drink wine and watch tv later. 

diy orange blanket scarf

If you don't already know, we're in the midst of some pretty nasty weather. Snowing for the past 3 days and now below 0 temps are on the way. Should I brave the cold, I can cover my head and half my face too! Not likely to happen though. Ms. V has her new bike and loads of new toys and games to keep her busy. We will stay in and play until exhaustion.

sahm casual style

If I venture out into #ChiBeria, I will need more than what I'm wearing now. This is just a base layer! Tees and leggings make great long underwear. Naturally I would have to swap out the boots for the flat ugly ones. I wouldn't want to break an ankle clomping through several inches of snow.

scarf tee leggings

I like to hibernate when the temps go below 30. I can't even deal right now. My moxie level is pretty low. The universe is really egging on my wanderlust nature. My goal (our family goal) for this year is to move to a warmer climate. It could be somewhere in California or maybe the coast of Kenya -- our ultimate relocation plan. I could use my fabric for other things like sewing pretty dresses.

how to wear blanket scarf
THRIFT vintage earrings - Target sweater - jeggings FREE Manifesto Moxie tee DIY fabric blanket sweater RETAIL Betsy Johnson booties

winter fashion ideas

How's everyone doing? Are you in blanket scarf or flip flops?

***in other news***

Linking up with the lovely ladies of Monday MingleThrifters Anonymous, and What I Wore Wednesday.

I did manage one quick thrift trip in the new year. Found a little LV.

jeggings style ideas


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