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{DIY} Whipped Body Butter

I whipped up a few batches of body butter to give as gifts over the holidays. I hadn't made a batch since V was teeny, tiny and attached to me most of the time. That was almost 2 years ago! This time around I made body butters with one dominant butter in different colors and I added fragrance oils.

diy whipped body butter

My whipped butter recipe is pretty hodge podge. I just throw in a little of this and that. I don't have exact measurements. I used different amounts and kinds of oil in each one. However, the base consists of:

Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil

homemade body butter

I melted the butters and oil on the stove until almost completey melted. In order to keep the heat from cooking, I put a pot inside of a pot. Some people own double boilers. I am not one of them.

I later switched to my old method of using a hand dryer and melting it right in my stirring bowl.

Once it's all melted, I added my secondary batch of oils. Roughly a tablespoon or 2.

almond oil
grapeseed oil

Vitamin E and / or tea tree oil (I use in every batch because they have antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. I wouldn't want a stray cootie to ruin the batch.

body butter diy

Now comes the real fun. Whip it, baby! Whip it, right! Whip it, all night! You have to whip it a long time! Not all night long but at least 30 minutes of whipping. I stopped and started several times. I put some batches in the refrigerator and took breaks. You can shave off some whipping time by getting the oils to solidify a little bit too.

whipped shea butter

Whip until it's the consistency you want. It was still pretty wet in this picture and more of a lotion consistency so I went back to whipping!

Be sure to use a bowl that comes up high on the side so it doesn't end up all over your kitchen. Trust me. I know.

how to make body butter

Yes, this is my perfect. It's light and fluffy and looks like whipped cream. V thought it was ice cream and wanted to taste it. It does look good enough to eat and it smells divine with the cocoa butter.

After I had the proper consistency, I added fragrance oils. It's unnecessary but I did it anyway to make them all a bit different. Same thing with the mica powder, I just wanted to change it up a bit and add some color.

scented body butter diy

...and done!

Whipped Shea Butter base with Almond fragrance (yellow)
Whipped Shea butter base with Pomegranate fragrance (pink)
Whipped Cocoa Butter base with Pineapple fragrance (green)
Whipped Cocoa Butter base with Whipped Cream fragrance (orange)

I recorded the process too. I'll try to get that up too.

using mica powder in diy beauty products

Happy Friday!
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