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Style File: violet scarf and metallic gold oxfords

I'm doing an outfit repeat. I've already done denim on denim for the blog. It's just so easy that I did it again. This time I switched it up with different accessories though. I'm wearing my new infinity scarf with gold oxfords. 

I'm wearing the heck out of the scarf. As with most of my diy projects, I go through a phase where I wear it hardcore and then it fades away never to be seen again. My fashion fickleness runs rampant through diy projects too.

This pic was probably taken after the "pellet" incident. Pellets make me sigh. Keep reading...

Eyes are on V. No idea why I'm duck lipping. I was probably going into mama mode OR begging for kisses.

eyes still on V...

I'm rocking some of Black Friday haul mixed in with gold bangles I've had for years and a Stella & Dot bracelet I won in a Momtrends Monday Mingle giveaway.

infinity scarf // home sewn
chambray jacket // Ralph Lauren Blue Label / thrifted
jeans // Akira
peep toe oxfords // 9 west

V is showing me the squishy wet greenish brown pellets she found on the ground. Lovely. Back inside we go.

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