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Style File: Green tunic top and violet purple cords

Finally wore the J. Crew skinny corduroy pants from the Salvation Army $10 Bag Sale. I still remember the glorious heat of the day and the big fan blowing in the Salvation Army. I'm not down with these 30 degree temps. In addition to going into a slight hibernation, I also get nostalgic about summer. Warm weather is my utopia.

Green tunic and purple pants

This is what I wore to the Thanksgiving feast at our friend's place. I found just the right top to cover up the turkey, mac-and-cheese, jollof rice, goat stew, cake, several glasses of wine bloat. The pants stretch a bit with wear. Perfect for an evening of getting fatter as the day progresses!

Green tunic and purple pants

Did you notice anything different about the pants? I dyed them purple! I used iDye again in Violet. Isn't it a pretty color? I'm not just saying that because I'm partial to purple. This is my second color dye with iDye and the color came out very rich and vivid just like the previous project. DIY approved!

Green tunic and purple pants

The Chico's tunic top is a pretty yummy silky poly. No ironing. No special care needed. It's roomy but shaped well. I'm glad I finally finished the laundry! I've only worn it one other time.

Green tunics and purple pants

I had a great holiday weekend. 
Green tunic and purple pants
sunglasses // edge i wear / thrifted
necklace // bought in Kenya
tunic top // Chicos's / thrifted
corduroy pants // J. Crew / thrifted
oxfords // Kenneth Cole Reaction

How about you? What did you do?
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