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Five minute face with e.l.f. cosmetics #eyelipsface #cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and e.l.f. #CBias #SocialFabric #eyeslipsface. Opinions are my own.

I accepted the $20 e.l.f. challenge! My mission was to update my makeup using elf cosmetics. I went in search of products I could wear everyday and would be quick to apply -- my 5 minute face! To include:
  • powder or tinted moisturizer for a nice even canvas.
  • eyeliner and mascara to open up my eyes. Yes, I know my eyes are big. I like to accentuate them more because I consider them my best feature. 
  • blush because I love the stuff. It wakes up my face. My current blushes are very faint of color. I bought them when I was still afraid of wearing blush. Since I don’t naturally blush in a pinkish hue I thought it would give me clown face. Not so. It really defines my cheekbones.
  • color for my lips. I don’t normally wear lipstick for everyday face because I don’t want to have to keep reapplying. I wear lip balm instead.
Excited to participate, I ran over to Target with Violet. Instead of pulling out my list of items I needed for the household, I went directly over to the beauty aisles to check out the selection. However, there was none there! Womp. Womp. I asked a representative if they carried elf and she said not until Christmas. It dawned on me later that maybe we had our wires crossed and I should have said "e.l.f. cosmetics". I did a double check at elf’s website and found that indeed they do not carry elf cosmetics at the Target around the corner from me.

No worries though the next closest location was 15 minutes away at a Target I was familiar with. This time, I went solo and took a little momcation. It's so relaxing to shop alone these days. Do you agree, Mamas?

I browsed through all of the products on the e.l.f. cosmetics wall. I have to say I was a little disappointed in the selection. There wasn't a lot of products for darker skin tones. I found that to be the case throughout my shop and I know elf makes cosmetics for a wide range of tones. I usually shop the store online so maybe I was expecting too much shopping in a store. I did send a suggestion to Target's guest service. I hope they will check into it.

Now on to the haul! Here's what I purchased:

High Definition Powder - $6
Since I’ve already tried the tinted moisturizers, I decided to pick up one of the newer products. According to the packaging it’s great for on camera and everyday wear. Exactly what I need for when I’m on the go and trying to squeeze in an outfit post and now vlogs. I will have to apply this right after I moisturize or maybe as a touch up later in the day. While it looked great on camera, when I look in the mirror I can see that it dried out my skin a lot. If you have oily skin, this is probably a product for you. My skin leans on the dry side.

Eyeliner Pencil - $1 and Liquid Eyeliner - $1 and Eyeliner & Shadow Stick - $3
I grabbed the liquid eyeliner first but thought I had better get a backup due to my past experience with liquid application. It’s not an easy process for me but I do like to create a cat eye and the pen is much more precise and no dull tip like with pencils. The pencil did come with its own sharpener which is a bonus. I do wish there was a self sharpening one though.

I bought the eyeliner /shadow stick for the gorgeous shades of purple. I think it will work for an everyday look because it’s 2 products in 1 and I don’t have to bring out all my eye shadow brushes and blend 3 shades. I haven’t tried it out yet just a swatch on my hand.

Lash Extending Mascara - $3
I love long full lashes. Really makes the eye pop. This one is infused with fibers for “maximum extension”. Highly recommend if you like long lashes. Amazing!

Blush - $3
I bought fuschia fusion. This isn't the color I originally picked up. I had a very bold hot pink color. It was so pretty but that old fear of clown cheeks came up and I put it back. When I got this one home and opened it up. I noticed how glittery it was and again felt a bit scared to wear it but I tried it and I think it looks great. What do you think? Can you see it? Maybe I will go back for the hot pink one.

Lip Balm - $3 and Luscious Liquid Lipstick - $1
I have used the liquid lipstick before so I knew it would work for everyday wear. While I like the product, I’m not impressed with the color. The last product I purchased was the nude tinted lip balm. I really wanted one with a darker tint as I knew the nude would not add any color to my lips but Target didn’t have any other colors in stock.

I ended up spending $21. I couldn't decide which black eyeliner I wanted so I bought them both. $1 over isn’t so bad. I’ve done worse. I was able to get all of the everyday cosmetics I wanted plus try out some new products that I may or may not be able to work into my daily routine. I know the foundation and mascara alone would cost at least $20 with my usual brands but just look at all I was able to buy with e.l.f. cosmetics?

What do you think of e.l.f. cosmetics? Have you purchased e.l.f. cosmetics at Target? What was your experience like?

To see more pictures from my mission, visit my Google+ album. To connect with e.l.f. online, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.
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