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Windy City Wine Festival #WCWF

Friday night, I attended Windy City Wine Festival compliments of BFF. As you may or may not know, Mama likes wine (and cocktails)! I had 10 tasting tickets and access to free food and FULL glasses of wine. Hollerrrrr! It's good to have friends (and wine), right?

I was so happy to attend. It's an event I've always wanted to go to. 
Just look at that smile. My love of wine is shining through! 
Sporting a completely thrifted outfit including the vintage Coach from last haul.
Did I say i was selling it?
It was a windy overcast evening but I had no worries. There was wine. I had an emergency poncho. I was enjoying the company of BFF and taking in views of the skyline all lit up. Everything was beautiful and perfect.

I sampled chocolate wine. 
It taste like a liqueur so it wasn't as gross as it sounds.

I sampled reggae wine.
I absolutely had to see what this was about as I love the reggae music. Yayyyy reggae! Reggae Wine? Welllll....if you like your wine to taste like sweet kool aid, you'll love it!

I stuck to red and white varieties with the remainder of my tickets. They were all great. One in particular was a cut above the rest. Did I take a picture or write now the name of it? Negative. All I know is that it was red and the bottle was round on the bottom like an old school chianti bottle. Does that help? No? Ok.

 Well look at who it is. It's cardboard Cee Lo Green! Random....

The icing on the cake for this event was the band! 
I love live music and I love covers of old school favorites. View the awesomeness that is Lloyd Dobler Effect.
(WARNING: explicit lyrics ahead!)

You're welcome.

In other news: Oogieloves Kids Prize Pack giveaway ends today! I have a new giveaway posted for a cute pair of crochet earrings courtesy of Pulling Strings. 
Check it out!

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