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Skinny Cow presents Dirty Dancing 25th anniversary

Last night I was treated to the time of my life. I experienced Dirty Dancing on the big screen. I ate tasty frozen treats before dinner and wrapped it all up with mac 'n cheese. Woot! Woot!

Skinny Cow is touring the US promoting their line of frozen snacks. It is also the 25th anniversary of the Dirty Dancing movie. Put those together and what do you get? A free screening of the movie and all the yumminess you can eat. It's a Skinny Cow dessert so it's ok to indulge, right? Just nod and say yes. I will not accept any other response.

It was so great seeing Dirty Dancing in a movie theater.  It's one of my all time favorite movies. The dancing, Baby in a corner, and the lift? So much fun to experience it with a bunch of people who were just as familiar with the movie as I am. 

I also used to jam to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack I had on cassette. Patrick Swayze singing "She's Like the Wind". That man had talent!

Me and Skinny Heifer Cow

Love the purple shirts on these ladies.

Gift bags! Yay!

Gift bag "innerds"
t-shirt, coupons, chocolate bar, and a poster.
The tee has an amazing fit and they used the good cotton.
I may actually use these coupons.
That crisp never had a chance. #gonetoosoon
Think E would mind if I put the poster on our wall?

The Skinny Cow tour continues. Check for screenings in your area here.

After the movie and dessert, we headed over to the Southern for food and cocktails.

We were seated outside near the cute wall plaque.


Girlgetalife and I shared a couple of "small" plates. She ordered the hush puppies and I got the Smoked Mac 'n Cheese. This was the perfect post dessert, post cocktail meal. It was filling and absolutely delicious. After eating a hush puppy, I turned to my southern born sister from another Mister and said, "This is absolutely the best hush puppy I've ever tasted in my entire life".  She didn't say it was "the best" but she did say it was quite good. Seriously, the hush puppies kick butt.

The mac 'n cheese was extremely tasty too. I personally believe I make the best mac 'n cheese but this one was fantastic. It's not baked which is my favorite kind of mac but my oh my! The smoky flavor and creaminess were yums.

Are you a Skinny Cow, Dirty Dancing or southern cuisine fan?
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