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On the road to even skin tone

Before I show you the raw real close-up of my face, here's a picture of what my skin normally looks like in pictures. I absolutely cannot have the lead picture be the one of me in my bare face.

Now take a look at what my REAL skin looks like. It's dry and flaky skin and always decorated with post breakout discoloration spots.

I've used creams in the past to try and fade the spots but I think the hydroquinone was making my face even more susceptible to breakouts creating a never ending cycle. Lately I just cleanse, moisturize and go.

I was obsessing over the spots a bit last week when the universe put the Makari line in front of me. Well look at that! A whole line of products to even and brighten skin tone. I had heard of Makari via twitter so I visited the website to check them out. I was apprehensive about using skin brightening creams because I naturally assumed it would be some kind of skin bleaching formula.

I was pleased to read that Makari makes 100% bleach and hydroquinone free skin care products for people with dark skin tones. As you can see below, they have a few product lines including hair care, cosmetics, fragrance, baby products, and accessories too! After reading the "about" and "faq" page, I decided to give it a try.

My order was placed on a Friday and I received my goodies on Monday. The shipping was super fast.
 (SN: Don't you just love getting packages in the mail?)

I received the discoloration kit which includes the Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap, the Body Beautifying Milk, and the Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum. 

According to the website, the antiseptic soap is for exfoliation of the face and body, the beautifying milk gently hydrates, even tones, and protects the skin.  The clarifying serum is a repairing gel to help remove unwanted pigmentation, discoloration, dark spots, acne scars, etc. 

I've been using the product for 3 days so I can't speak on the products' ability to fade dark spots yet. According the website, it takes 2 weeks. I will say using all 3 products make my skin feel soft and hydrated. I look brighter too. I can see that the soap removed some of the peeling dead skin. Can you tell in the picture below? My face looks and feels like it does after a facial. I'm excited to see the spots eventually fade.

While I like my experience using the products, I do have some issue with the heavily perfumed scent. I tend to use fragrance free products on my skin. I could just be highly sensitive to the smell but I thought it was pretty strong. 

The price is on the higher end at $99 for the 3 piece kit. You do get a lot of product though. I'm sure the milk and serum will last at least a year. The beautifying milk alone is 3 times the size of my regular moisturizer. The soap is at least twice the size of a regular bar of soap. I've been using it all over so it probably won't last until the end of the year unless I use it strictly on my face.

Makari is currently running a summer promotion that is 30% off the regular price. It includes the body beautifying milk, hand and body lotion, clarifying exfoliating soap and Makari perfume. Still pretty steep but you're getting lots of product so I think it's a bargain. 

Personally, I'd like to check out the baby bath time essentials in the "bebe" section for Ms.V. Not a bad price at $51.95.

If you'd like to hear more from Makari, you can check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

You can see more photos of my Makari experience in my Google+ album.

Are you familiar with Makari? Have you tried any of the products?

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