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Thrifted Treasure: Salvation Army

I thrift shop a whole lot. Is that surprising to anyone? I shop by myself and now with the club. Here are some of my purchases from the past 2 weeks. Right now I'm diggin' SA and have been trying out locations I've never been to. 

Little Black Dress ($5) 
The fit is amazing and all of the ruching around the waist is so flattering and it has a bit of arm coverage. I love it.

Little Purple Dress ($5)
That is all. Not really, there's more. It's purple, has ruffles at the neckline and a banded waist, layers, and arm coverage. 
Go ahead, increase the picture size on this one and check out the details. It's lovely.

Floral Skirt ($3)
A retro throw on skirt for strolling with V -- although she is starting to stroller protest, she wants to run!
I love the big bold flowers. 

Reversible Orange/Pink Skirt ($3)
2 skirts in one!

J Crew Chino Jacket ($5)
A neutral jacket to go with all my finds
or DIY/DYE it!

Do you like my finds? What have you thrifted lately?
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