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Refreshing refreshments

Happy Friday! Cheers to you! I shall have at least one of these before the weekend ends...

St. Germain Cocktail
I had this at the fashion show I attended last week. So good. I guzzled it just a little bit. Luckily, the lady manning the station was very frugal with her servings.

The recipe.
If you decide to make one don't forget to invite me over!

Green Juice
Hey something healthy! I pulled out my juicer after over a year of hibernation. I had a spring in my step after drinking this. I think it's the ginger or maybe it was the coffee I had before the juice. 
The recipe:
Spinach (2 handfuls), fresh ginger (1 inch piece), a carrot, and 2 macintosh apples.
It's delicious! Yes, really.

Funf Sassy White
A bargain bin find. The bottle is super cute and the wine inside is yummers. There's no other way to describe it. It's light with a little bit of sweetness. Drinking this wine taught me something new. Funf is German for five! Boozing AND learning.

Pomegranate "Juice"
I discovered this in a local market. I thought it would have a pom taste to it but it's more fruit cocktail and it's fruity goodness with a pink hue. It contains some juice but it's mostly flavored sugar water and I love it.

What refreshments are knocking your socks off?
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