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Nail Polish Love - Purple & Mint

It's been a minute with this segment. I haven't been keeping up on my manicures and nail polishing. I'm having so much chippage lately that it just doesn't seem worth it. Nails and baby wrangling don't seem to go well together. I have more wrangling now that V is walking and half running and touching everything that isn't one of her toys.

I've been wanting to get a little fancy with the nails. I was inspired by Sophistishe and a whole lot of nail bloggers in my reader. It's extremely free hand. Once I shower away all the paint on my skin, I think it will look pretty good.

It looks so much better all fuzzy and soft.
Sinful Colors Mint Apple - Sally Hansen Pronto Purple - Clean Color Gold Shimmer
How do you fancify (I just made up a new word!) your nails? 

The giveaway ends tonight!
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