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Thrifting Thursday: Purple Pattern Mixing

Button up shirts don't normally work for me because of the ironing involved. I rarely iron anymore even though I kinda like it. It relaxes me. I offered it to my shopping BFF girlgetalife. She put it in the cart but nixed it when it was time to re-evaluate purchases before hitting the register. Of course, I couldn't leave it behind.

It's purple. It's J. Crew. It's nursing friendly. It's brand new and it doesn't need ironing. I pulled it out of the wash and there weren't too many wrinkles. Love it!

The belt is also thrifted. I can't resist clasp belts. I buy them whenever I see them. I have quite a collection.

The skirt is me made and very simple. Sew 3 squares together (1 front and 2 in the back). Add elastic. Sew up the hem. Bam! You're done. I've also worn it as a top too.

This is my first attempt at pattern mixing. I like the way it came together. I'll be trying it again.

Do you pattern mix?
Do you have a thrifted collection (like my belts)?
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