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Little Miss Visits Pediatrician - 12 months

She always looks like she's getting the good sleep in the Boba.

Last week V had her 12 month pediatrician visit. This was her first time with a new ped too. My girl has a very big head brain (77 percentile), average height (48 percentile), and a slender frame (10th percentile). I thought she was at least 20 pounds. She's only 18 though.

The pediatrician suggested I supplement with cow's milk because she needs the fat. My belief is that she can get fat from other sources. She wasn't trying to hear that though.

V had lots of shots including her first flu shot. We've always declined it and I should have declined this time too. I have never had one and don't think it's necessary. Her new pediatrician gave me the gloom and doom speech and I caved. 

That night she developed a fever. That's never happened with her previous vaccinations. She had trouble getting comfortable and cried every time we tried to leave the room. Ugh. I should have stood my ground. That would have been 1 less shot. 

Going forward I'll be declining them in the future and I'll also be on the hunt for a new pediatrician. One who listens to what I'm saying.

Do you trust your doctor/pediatrician completely? How do you feel about the flu vaccine? Do you vaccinate your little ones?
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