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9 months: Stand Up!

My "mature" baby turned 9 months on Saturday. We marked the occasion by having a Captain Morgan Long Island Ice Tea Pour and Party people over for a barbeque.

Wow! Since that 6 month mark time has been flying by.

What does she like right now? Standing, standing, and more standing. She's approaching the cruise but now quite there yet. Sometimes she needs assistance getting back down to floor.

Every time I turn my head she's standing against something (unless she slips and crashes to the floor then she's laid out on her back). 

I'm selling some of her "baby" things so that I can buy a new baby carrier (so I can get around) and a walker (so she can get into more things). Anyone use a walker? Love it? Hate it?

Her eating has really improved. She loves sweet potatoes, green peas, and french fries. However, she's still a milkaholic and a snacker of all non-food items (lint, shoe soles, toilets, oven, floor, paper, tissue).

He's still speaking swahili to her and we're still signing. Mainly signing for milk. She signs it all the time but I don't think there's an association. Any tips?

She's sleeping 2 - 6 hours stretches. I could bitch and moan about her sleeping habits but that's not where I'm headed right now. I'll just say I wish for 8+ hours every night.

I'm amazed by her development. She's so much fun to watch. She's come so far in the 9 months she's been on this earth. I love her.

How do those teeny little legs hold her up?
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