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The Confessional

More true confessions:

  • I've stolen something in the past 3 years. 
  • This the 3rd week I've had intentions of visiting a church and I haven't made it there yet.
  • I rock bras that give me uni-boob and I no longer care.
  • A major factor in my decision to breastfeed was that it is free.
  • I've tried to schedule Little Miss' nap time during All My Children and One Life to Live
  • I've gone to the bathroom with Little Miss in Moby wrap.
  • I think weddings are a waste of money.
  • I'm glad all I had to do was show up for my "wedding" and probably would not have had a ceremony if it was left up to me.
  • I use "like" a whole lot and I get annoyed when I catch myself saying it.
  • About 80% of the reason I use cloth diapers are because they're super cute. I've had to talk myself down many cloth diaper sprees.
  • I like getting presents slightly more than giving presents.
  • I want to give Little Miss cereal because I always fear my supply has dipped.
  • I don't want to give Little Miss cereal because it will add an extra step to my cloth diaper routine.
  • Considering taking an asleep-on-me-Little Miss to the bathroom with me right now..

Care to air your dirty laundry? No judgements here.
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